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This ladder rack was designed using AutoCAD and Fusion360. Built with waterjet cutouts, and extruded aluminum rails commonly found on CNC machines.


Two wheel drive electric bike. 52v 30ah battery, 60km range. Designed in AutoCAD, waterjet out of 1/8 aluminum.

Battery box

This 48v 42ah universal battery pack was created with 18650 cells. It can output the full 48v, or step down to 12v, and includes usb chargers. The two cell setup allows solar panels to charge one cell, while the other cell outputs.

These two tool caddies were built as part of a level 1 machinist course. Both were designed in Fusion360, cut out of a sheet of 1/8th aluminum, and TiG welded.

An experiment in building a wiring harness from the ground up. Using spare E-bike batteries, this kayak has been converted to electric. 100km range, adjustable steering and throttle control.